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Брана Кнежево


The water supply from the project ZS "Zletovica" was completed in 2010, where within this project the dam "Knezevo"...

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According to the feasibility study, it is projected irrigation of the areas in the municipalities of Probishtip with 3,552 ha...

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Construction of six hydropower plants: three hydropower plants along the river Zletovica (HPP Zletovo 1...

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The hydro system “Zletovica” is a multipurpose water management system and is located in the northeastern part of the Republic of Macedonia, which enables full utilization of the water potential of the river Zletovica.

The Hydrosystem provided drinking water for more than 100,000 inhabitants in the settlements Probistip, Kratovo, Zletovo, Stip, Karbinci, Sveti Nikole and Lozovo, then irrigation of 4,500 ha of agricultural land in the vicinity of Probishtip and Kratovo and hydroenergetic use of the available water potential for producing around 49.5 million kWh per year, as well as flood protection and providing a biological minimum

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