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Местоположба на ХС "Злетовица"


The hydro system “Zletovica” is a multipurpose water management system and is located in the northeastern part of the Republic of Macedonia, which enables full utilization of the water potential of the river Zletovica.

The Hydrosystem provided drinking water for more than 100,000 inhabitants in the settlements Probistip, Kratovo, Zletovo, Stip, Karbinci, Sveti Nikole and Lozovo, then irrigation of 4,500 ha of agricultural land in the vicinity of Probishtip and Kratovo and hydroenergetic use of the available water potential for producing around 49.5 million kWh per year, as well as flood protection and providing a biological minimum


The multipurpose hydro system “Zletovica” consists of several common and special facilities for water supply, irrigation and energy. The main purpose of HS “Zletovica” is the provision of drinking water for more than 100,000 inhabitants in the region, and for this purpose built pipelines and supply pipelines for 100 km water supply to the municipalities of Probistip, Stip, Sveti Nikole, Lozovo and Karbinci.

The project HS “Zletovica” is realized in three phases:

  • Phase I – Water supply
  • Phase II – Irrigation systems on a 4.500 ha agricultural arable land in the region
  • Phase III – Facilities for electricity generation around 50 GWh of electricity
Шематски приказ на проектот ХС "Злетовица"