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Ljupcho Blagoevski

Acting Manager of HS "Zletovica"

Curriculum Vitae

Name and surname Ljupcho Blagoevski
Born on 26.01.1970
Education – Graduated mechanical engineer (University “St. Cyril and Methodius” Skopje 1988-1994)
Work experience  

– 2005-2018 PE HS “Zletovica” Probishtip – Mechanical engineer in charge

– 2018-2022 PE HS “Zletovica” Probishtip – Chief Engineer/Project Manager

The director of the public enterprise, in addition to the competences stipulated by law, performs the following activities:

  1. It organizes and manages the operation of the public enterprise;
  2. It represents and represents the public enterprise;
  3. Organizes and provides preparation of drafts and proposals of general acts adopted by the Board of Directors;
  4. Takes care of the legality of the decisions and general acts of the public enterprise;
  5. Organizes and provides the working discipline in the public enterprise;
  6. Decides on the deployment of workers;
  7. Determine the working hours in the total annual working hours;
  8. Adopts a plan for using annual leave;
  9. Decides on the individual rights, obligations and responsibilities of the employees;
  10. Provides publicity in the work of the enterprise;
  11. Organizes preparation of the sessions of the Board of Directors and its working bodies;
  12. It implements and executes the acts of the Board of Directors;
  13. For the results of the operation the public enterprise submits a report to the Board of Directors;
  14. It concludes contracts for realization of the program and other agreements for the needs of the current operation of the public enterprise after prior approval by the Board of Directors;
  15. Takes care of the fulfillment of the obligations of the public enterprise in the field of defense in accordance with the law;
  16. Establish expert commissions and working bodies;
  17. Decides on business trips abroad for workers in the public enterprise;
  18. It informs the Board of Directors of certain issues of the operation of the public enterprise;
  19. Issues orders, instructions and orders that ensure the operation of the public enterprise;
  20. Gives an opinion on matters within the competence of the Management Board to the Government of the Republic of Macedonia and informs the Board of Directors thereof, and
  21. Performs other activities determined by the regulation, this statute and other general acts of the public enterprise.